Sons Of Liberty Riders MC is a group of like minded Veterans and Patriots who also happen to be political activists.

Our mission:
* Promote Motorcycle Safety issues through the Texas State Legislature.
* Monitor and propose new legislation preserving our rights as Bikers and American Citizens.
* The preservation of our Constitutions "State and National"
* Bring Public attention of the misuse and abuse of the Citizenry at large, our Troops and Veterans by an out of control government at all levels.
* 9 11 Never Forget

We do this with public rides, events, social media, video / news productions, protests and political activism.

We are not a support group for any other Clubs because of our bi laws and political activism.

We have out of control federal, state and city governments that over tax, over regulate, who has refused to secure our borders, refuse to obey the Supreme Law of the land "The US Constitution".

Our signature event is the:

Lets Roll 911 Memorial Ride

Note: SOLR MC based in Texas & RC Based In Tennessee is not affiliated with National Sons Of Liberty who is not a Club or an MC.

SOLR MC are Members of the US Defenders Legislative Strike Force. We have Bills before that will be presented at the 85th Legislature of Texas 2017.

Our forefathers sought to create a “more perfect union”, and did so with the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. Sons Of Liberty Riders MC are actively involved in reclaiming these ideals and restoring the Republic. We believe in STRICT adherence to the founding documents. We live by the mantra “Nulis Vereor” (No Fear) and are the Ghost Riders and Mechanics of today in honor of the original “Loyal Nine” and hold all elected officials accountable to their sworn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. To be recognized within the community by virtue of our Conviction, Courage, Honesty, Honor, Integrity, and Brotherhood.